The best villas with private pools in Ubud, Bali

The best villas with private pools in Ubud, Bali

When it comes to holidays , the first thing that comes to mind is the journey . A getaway often helps relieve stress accumulated during the year and to recover the ideas in place. This can greatly affect our mood and increase our creativity while promoting increased productivity , whether for children or adults. The trip in question can be performed alone to empty completely and forget all the worries of everyday life . The choice of group travel is divided into two : there are those who prefer to leave their friends and those who want to spend this time with family .

Which destination to choose?

The most popular destinations are usually tourist areas near the beach, mountain or lake. The vast majority of vacationers appreciate the cities offering different activities to ensure a good distraction. Young people generally opt for destinations closer to the sea and to access a range, if they also like the voyages of discovery in kind or in the mountains. The choice of destination is not made solely on this criterion, we must also take into account the food, the climate of the area and especially the quality of life of the community. More and more people are traveling only to taste dishes or drinks, but this does not preclude the possibility of marrying gastronomic tourism to the pleasure of traveling to an entertaining destination. There are many countries with unusual specialties while being close to the beach or the mountains.

Before choosing a particular destination must first ensure the cost of living in that country , difficulty of access to the area . It is important not to forget some preparations such as the choice of accommodation, obtain information on the local currency and foreign currency , vaccines and precautions to do before departure. It would also be better to know the most practiced language in the country , but it is not mandatory . Find interpreters or small guides facilitating communication with indigenous is usually simpler.

An ideal destination : Bali

There is a small island in Indonesia that is able to combine good food and a beach of fine white sand with a pleasant climate , Bali is an island belonging to the archipelago of ” Lesser Sunda Islands .” It is located between the islands of Java and Lombok and has a total area of 5637 km². Lying near the equator , it has a stable climate that varies little throughout the year. There are all kinds of activities only to tourists, due to its coral reef scuba diving is great demand there , the best diving area is located northwest and northeast of the island. It is also possible to hike in the mountains since it has a long chain of mountains about 2000 meters with a peak reached in 3000 meters altitude.

Bali has a great diversity of bird species that live in the Bali National Park is a National Nature Reserve located on the West Island. She also has diverse vegetation, we can see the presence of mangroves on the north side of the island, fertile prairies, savanna on the northern slopes of the mountain range and rainforest. The island is also known for its diverse cuisine, it is very rich and is generally spicy yet very colorful. Bali tourism generally lives, most of the tourist centers are located in the southern part of the island. Due to its specialization in tourism, the offers for tourists are more varied and are available at low prices. Therefore, Bali is an ideal destination for travel. It includes the majority of the most popular activities by travelers.

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Where in Bali : stay in Ubud !

The choice of where to spend the night should not be overlooked especially during the organization of a trip, this is the part that will determine the assessment of the stay. Even if the activities are also amazing and entertaining whether, as we do not spend a good night, stay quickly became uncomfortable. We must ensure that we spend the night in a friendly and welcoming place that contains the necessary. The choice is wide, but the best solution would be a lonely place not far from the town which offers a good quality service while being more or less staff. A fully equipped villa is therefore an optimal choice, there is a lot of small cozy villas in Bali and quality. In addition, if the villa has a swimming pool, residence becomes even more enjoyable.
Ubud offers luxurious villas with swimming pools and offering a quality of service available at affordable price.

Bunut Garden Luxury Private Villa

This is a luxury villa with 8 bedrooms with comfortable beds of different sizes suitable for children and adults, bathrooms and toilets . It also has a private pool and garden. The managers and staff of the villa speak different languages , so it is easy to communicate with them . In addition, all tenants of the villa get free, unlimited Wi -Fi, it is also possible to get the laundry and iron by contacting the staff.

The villa offers a pleasant, friendly and relaxing atmosphere with its warm decor and wooden thanks to its furniture that is more comfortable . In addition, the resort offers relaxation services as traditional massages and spas.

The villa is located in a strategic position to facilitate the movement of tenants ; it is located near the city center and is just 40 minutes drive from the beach . The view is also more pleasant , the garden opens into a valley and magnificent rice paddy.

Villa Lumia Bali

The Villa Lumia is one of the best private villas all Ubud, it has a Jacuzzi, a fully equipped kitchen, a dining room that can accommodate up to 12 people, a swimming pool for children and adults, a gym and a dining room. There is also a shared garden with a spectacular view. This villa is made to accommodate many people in the greatest of comforts, the lounge has comfortable chairs 8 with a flat screen and a DVD player for watching movies. It offers a friendly atmosphere and offers a variety of activities to entertain its guests. They have several privileges like free, unlimited internet connection, air conditioning, access to a hot tub, a freezer, access to a grill and a washing machine, blender and other appliances. The tenants are also entitled to a breakfast each morning.

It has a pool table, a game room, a screening room and a small bar. All rooms come with bathrooms and private toilet facilities. This is a popular villa by vacationers in Bali; she accept smokers, but against it does not allow animals.

Umaé Villa

The Villa is part Umaé private villas most appreciated by the public, it offers many privileges to its tenants and is provided with a grill, oven, safe, linens and more importantly, maintenance the villa is free . The kitchen contains almost all the necessary appliances. The dining room offers only 2 tables in places , but the villa offers a high quality service compensation.
The view from the balcony is amazing and the villa also has a patio . The living room offers a cozy atmosphere with a DVD player and a TV. This villa does not accept smokers or pets, but this villa is perfect for small children.

Dedari Villa Kriyamaha

This villa is in a way a new rising star, she quickly became very popular with tourists because it offers high quality services. It has a garage and an unsecured parking , freezer , air conditioning, a shared garden, a swimming pool for adults and another for children. It has two rooms : one inside and another outside , the interior is more comfortable seating with 16 chairs, a DVD player and flat screen. It has two bedrooms with 5 beds and 2 baby beds; bed linen is provided and the dining room can support a large maximum of 14 people . The villa offers guides and maps to facilitate the movement of prospective tenants .

The Kampung Ubud Villa

The Kampung Ubud Villa is part of a residence consisting of 10 individual villas . In the residence there is a restaurant and a full service spa . There is also the residence a large outdoor pool . In the residence , there is a space for meetings , recommended for companies who want to relax their management or employees. Finally, each villa in the residence is equipped with terrace and air conditioning. For all trips , in the small town you will between 5 to 30 minutes. If necessary , please be aware as you navigate. And besides, the great advantage of this home is that it is close to the airport .

The villa does not allow pets, but smokers are possible.

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