The best 3 bedroom villas in Seminyak Bali

3 bedrooms villas in Seminyak

When the holiday season arrives, the first thing that comes to appear in our heads is the journey . No matter the destination or duration , this small escape gives the opportunity to release all pressure that has accumulated throughout the year . This small escape also gives the opportunity to refresh his memory. This can greatly transform the mindset in which we find ourselves. Also, this will help to expand our performance , we are children, adults or parents. Regarding the actual journey , you can perform it alone for the time to really reflect and clear your head. But if you want to live in a group, you can choose between two possibilities. You can either go with friends or colleagues , or from your family.

How to prepare your trip to Seminyak?

Regardless of age or taste, the favorite destinations of tourists are mostly the places close to the sea , in the mountains or the places near a lake or river . Indeed , vacationers prefer these places because they are sure to find a variety of activities to entertain them during their holidays. Be aware that many other factors come into account in the choice of destination . Among these other factors , diet include on site, the climate of the destination or the cost of living there. Nowadays , many are the people who go to a destination only to taste buds to their new dishes or new drinks . But it also happens that allows the destination to a gastronomic trip and also an edifying journey ( discovery , rest, etc.).

Where you intend to go , you have before leaving, well informed on the spot price . It should also be well informed in relation to means of transportation on site as well as the accessibility of the city. And before taking off , preparations such as the choice of place of residence , vaccines and medicines to be taken are to remember . Details about payment methods in the local market are also not to be overlooked . Indeed, we need to see in advance whether to exchange currency if so , we must learn about the exchange rate . The use of credit cards is also interesting , but in all cases it is more practical to have cash . Ability to speak the language of your destination would also be a great asset , but if not , it will not be a problem. Generally , find an interpreter or a local guide is much simpler .

Bali, the ideal destination?

There is a small island of Indonesia which can perfectly combine excellent food, white sand beaches and end a most pleasant climate. This island is none other than Bali, an island that is part of the archipelago of “Lesser Sunda Islands.” It is located between Lombok and Java islands. The total area of 5637 km². Thanks to its proximity to the equator, its climate is very stable and is almost constant throughout the year. Found on the island a multitude of activities reserved for tourists, from there recency scuba diving which is also in great demand there. Concerning diving, the best area of the island is located in the northeast and northwest. Other activities include mountain hiking. Indeed, many are hiking on the island because it has a mountain of about 2000 meters and the highest point of the chain is 3000 meters.

On the west of the island you will find a national nature reserve inhabited by a great diversity of bird species. The reserve also has a very diverse vegetation, you will see the presence of mangroves north of Bali, a savannah, rainforest and fertile prairies. The diverse cuisine also made the reputation the island. Indeed, gastronomy is dumb as very spicy and very colorful. The island of Bali lives especially tourism. In fact, everything they do on the island is to advance tourism. Thus, every budget can find what suits them.

For all those interested in a trip to Bali, Bali View Apartment site is for them. Indeed, all the information relative to travel are provided on site. So just visit for the necessary information. Whether it is information on food, means of locomotion, the attractions, or accommodations. Through this site, the organization of Bali travel becomes much easier.

How to Choose your accommodation in Seminyak?

Choosing where to stay is one of the most important steps in organizing a trip. This is the place where you sleep really determines the appreciation of a stay. Indeed, regardless of the number of activities as entertaining as they are, as long as we do not spend the night in a nice, comfortable, the rest will not matter. We must therefore ensure to spend the nights in friendly, safe environments especially relaxing. The choice remains very wide, but the experiments, the place is a somewhat isolated area, but not far from the city. A house where you will be more or less the place of the master is also very advisable. Equipped villa becomes a sub-optimal choice. In Bali, the choice of the villa will not be too difficult as they are quite numerous. In choosing the villa, remember to see if it has a pool, because this will embellish your stay.

Semyniak Bali offers luxurious villas that have all pools and offers quality services and especially at fairly reasonable prices.

The dusun

This is a residence where there are villas with between 1-3 bedrooms with comfortable beds of different sizes suitable for adults but also children. They are equipped with bathrooms and private toilet facilities. For relaxation, the residence has a swimming pool and a relaxing garden. The managers and staff of the residence speak three languages namely English, French and Japanese. This is well coordinated to enable easier communication. WiFi access is free and unlimited within the residence. We also note that all rooms are equipped with TV with satellite channels. A barbecue is also available in the residence. The dedicated staff ensures a permanent room service 24 hours on 24 in the residence. For your comfort, spa and wellness center will be available to you.

The residence is located in a very strategic place to facilitate the movement of tenants; it is located near the city center and is just 13 minutes walk from the beach. It is 30 minutes from the airport. And all the restaurants, bars or nightclubs are less than 15 minutes.

The Kunja Villa-Hotel

The Kunja Villa-Hotel is one of the best private villas all Semyniak, it has a Jacuzzi, a fully equipped kitchen, a dining room that seats up to 10 people, a private swimming pool for children and adults , spa and wellness center. There is also a shared garden that offers beautiful views of the sea. This villa is for rent from 2 to 8 people in comfort. In the living room you will find some comfortable chairs and a flat screen TV with DVD player for watching movies or you can follow the news through cable channels. The villas are very well equipped and keep you in comfort thanks to extras like unlimited WiFi. The kitchens of the villas are very well equipped and you will prepare dishes as you are accustomed at home. The large villas of the bathrooms have showers and bathtubs as well as docks to place your iPhone or iPod. So you can listen to music in you showering.

In the villas, room service will be available between 6 am and 23 pm. Great restaurants and shopping centers are within a 3-minute walk from the villa. The beach meanwhile is 8 minutes walk. And the airport is 20 minutes by car.

The Bli Bli Villas & Spa

The Bli Bli Villas & Spa is one of the most popular private homes by tourists. The reasons for this assessment are manifold. To start, the residence has many villas (20). Then, it is close to the beach, about 5 min walk. It is obvious that the residence has a restaurant, a bar, a lounge and a garden. The residence also offers many activities starting with the spa that provides comprehensive services. The outdoor pool is fully available to residents in the residence. For travel to local attractions, be aware that the residence supports the shuttles travel expenses. the airport to the shuttles are also free. For your comfort and well-being, the rooms are air conditioned and cleaned daily. If you have children with you then you will like to go clubbing or just spend romantic moments with your partner, be aware that the residence offers a babysitting service (surcharge).

Nyuh Bali Luxury Villas

This residence is a kind of new discovery among the villas of Semyniak, thanks to the exceptional services offered to its customers, it quickly became one of the favorite residences of the city. It has free secure parking, free unlimited WiFi access, a garden with umbrellas and a private pool. The residence consists of 8 magnificent villas. A major advantage of the residence is its proximity to the beach. Indeed, you will be there within 10 minutes. You will have in the residence, a restaurant at your disposal. Breakfast will be free. To ensure your comfort in the villas, the air conditioning is present and clean rooms will be daily. If you want to relax, spa and wellness center will welcome you with open arms. If necessary, know that there is a free childcare service in the residence. In case you want to go to local attractions centers, be aware that the shuttles provided by the residence are free.

The Santai Villas

The Santai Villas is a villa which has 11 luxurious rooms, in fact, its level of 5 stars. If you’re used to places upscale setting, you will not be at all out of place in this villa especially as it is still very recent, created in 2014. The location is a strong point of this villa . Indeed, it is just 6 km from the city center and less than 13 km from the airport. For the comfort of guests, each room has unlimited Wi-Fi, air conditioning, fax, copier and has a daily cleaning. Regarding means of transport, guests will be spoiled with the car service, car rental service, bike rental and shuttle service. For relaxation, you can enjoy a massage or services of the beautiful outdoor pool. For night activities, barbecue equipment will be available. The villa also has a laundry and dry cleaning when necessary.

Whatever your budget for your vacation , you can easily find the villa that suits you in Bali. As you can see, this is not the choice that missed. Make your choice freely . Some villas are better than others depending on your number or because you are just a couple or with your children. Watch carefully as the languages used by staff because some villas have staff who speak up to 5 languages. What could be a great advantage for you. Despite the multitude of choices , you always have a little trouble finding a place of residence with you if you have a pet .

The best romantic villas in Bali, Indonesia

There is nothing more pleasant than to spend some time with your loved one , even if the time is very short . Indeed , the human being requires the presence of a person for support and comfort him. And most of the time , we try to spend time with that particular person , and that being away from the problems of society . Take time to get away from the world can be beneficial for couples, this allows to get closer and to improve the relationship in general. In recent years , the couples of the world are becoming more trips to be alone and then only because they understood the importance of even the need to be alone.

How to prepare your holidays to Bali?

Whatever your destination , it is important not to forget that there are precautions to take before making a trip . First, we must learn about the currency of your destination , lean to the use of cash, you might not find counters or stores that accept your credit card. Then get an accurate map and update inventory. In case you did not rent a car , opt for taxis or lose you ( still trying to identify you). Do not forget to book your accommodation before departure and do a final check before departure. Before taking off , remember to obtain information on vaccines and drugs to take . And finally , ask about the language of your destination, it is not mandatory to speak it or understand it, but this could be an asset.

The ideal romantic destination

Somewhere in Indonesia is a small island that has the assets to be perfect for an ideal holiday destination: a sandy beach, great food, an intoxicating scenery and a pleasant climate. This island is another Bali, an island with countless tourist activities and scenery breathtaking. Bali is part of an archipelago called “the small islands of the probe.” This small island has a total area of 5637 km² and is born of the volcano as the Balinese call “mother mountain” volcano which is still active today and that spawned the 2000 meters of mountain range from the island. Many hikers come to the island during the holiday period, most are the way to admire the landscape from the top of peak Agung.

Bali also has a rich underwater. Indeed, there are close to large beach a large coral reef that is home to several species of fish and small marine animals. The island is very popular with divers and marine biologists because of this biodiversity. In addition, there are several diving centers everywhere on island. You can also find a nature reserve on the western part of the island. This reserve is home to a great diversity of species of birds and some endemic plants. The territory of the island is volcanic, the development of various types of plants and trees is therefore easier. These riches have made a Bali island even more attractive, because by combining all these factors, it is possible to deduce that Bali has many culinary quality ingredients. Indeed, Bali has a rich and colorful cuisine: a variety of seafood, fruits, vegetables, spices are available almost all year. Bali is like a small paradise on earth, it lives mainly through tourism and trade.

From this perspective , Bali is a great travel destination: it not only has a great beach with a coral reef nearby, a spicy and colorful kitchen , a long chain of mountains with an active volcano and above all a stable climate. Indeed , the proximity of the island to the equator makes it stable and virtually unchanging climate. For anyone interested in staying in Bali , knowledge of the existence of the site ViewApartment could be beneficial. Indeed, this site offers useful information to organize a trip to Bali. Whether it is information on accommodation , activities offered by the island, namely the information and ” not to miss ” in Bali.

How to Choose the villas in Bali?

Choosing where to stay is the most important part when it comes to a trip with friends. Indeed, couples need to choose where they spend the night. First, the place needs to be warm, comfortable and welcoming, but the most important is preserving the privacy of the couple. Indeed, the place to stay should allow them to keep to themselves, away from all eyes and all noise. Of course, the possibility of having a bathroom, a kitchen and a garden can contribute to a better appreciation of the stay, but this is secondary.

By observing these criteria well closely, we are able to see that a private villa is the ideal accommodation. By opting for a private villa you can perfectly stay between you and enjoy your stay in the greatest comfort. Also if your villa has a swimming pool and a private garden, your stay will be even better.

Berry villas romantic love

Berry Love is a residence with twenty villas with private pools, terraces, air conditioning and offer relaxation services. Each villa has a garden of their own, and a barbecue is at your disposal. The room service and cleaning service are offered. The resort has a spa that will be available to you. A restaurant and a lounge bar. The movement is facilitated thanks to the bicycles that are provided within the enclosure. Breakfast for all residents of Berry love is offered each morning for the duration of their stay. It should be noted that the complex does not accept people under 18 years. The rooms are designed only to accommodate couples, the villas each have a large room with a king bed, a bathroom and toilet. The villas are comfortable and all HD TV with satellite channels, moreover WiFi internet connection is free and unlimited. Note that the Berry Love does not allow pets.

Uma Lokha

This is a residence of 19 villas with access to a restaurant and a bar. Each villa has a personal private pool, a garden, a bathroom and toilet. Uma leaves children under 5 enter and offers a babysitting service so that couples can fully enjoy their stay. A complete relaxation service is also available for those who wish (spa and massage). Breakfast is offered each morning (except for children that are not supported in the service). It is also possible to access hot drinks in a common area. Please note that this residence is close to the beach: 18 minutes walking distance to the beach Berawa, 21 minutes for the Batu Belig and 36 minutes to Echo Beach. The internet connection is free and unlimited in all villas in the grounds of the residence. Room service and daily cleaning are free and supported by staff. The rooms have HD TVs with satellite channels and a DVD player. You will also have a fridge, a kitchen and bottled water in each house. The property does not accept pets.

The Villas at AYANA Resort

The AYANA Resort is a complex of 78 luxury villas with large beds, air conditioning, private swimming pools, meeting rooms, private toilet, TV HD 42 inches with satellite channels and a DVD player. The resort also has a spa to make your relaxation time, three bars and 14 restaurants and a fitness center are also available and free parking, this way you will not have to worry your vehicle. The resort offers activities like mini golf and table tennis. You can also access a snack bar. Do not worry for your children if you have them, they will be supported by a kid’s club and a babysitting service, they have a buffet for them. There is a games room, a library and a chapel which you can access. The staff speaks 3 languages: Korean, English and Russian; This is done so that you are completely comfortable. Breakfast is offered and each villa has free Wi-Fi. Note that pets are not allowed and that the station is a non-smoking area.

The Royal Santrian

Tea Royal Santrian is a residence of 22 villas warm, welcoming and friendly. They have TVs, a pool, a bathroom and private toilets. This residence accepts all children, each villa has an extra bed for this purpose, if the number of children exceeds the unit, you can request and obtain other beds. The wireless internet is available throughout the habitat; The same security, cleaning, room service and parking are supported by the residence. A spa is at your disposal and a barbecue and snack bar. The residence offers activities such as cycling (bicycles are available for free), fishing and canoeing. A temple and a shop are available within the residence. Note that this is a non-smoking area and pets are strictly prohibited. For your convenience, the staff speaks Indonesian and English.

Vinila Nusa Dua Villas

The Vinila Nusa Dua is a residence located in Nusa Dua and offers highly comfortable villas with air conditioning, a bathroom with heated shower, private toilet, a private pool, an HD screen with satellite television channels. The residence is located just 1.4 km from Geger Beach. Some villas have a balcony or terrace. The villas each have a small kitchen with utensils and appliances (dishwasher, microwave, toaster, blender, fridge). The complex has a service that can rent bicycles or cars. The residence offers a relaxing services including a massage parlor and a spa that is available to you, you can also access the restaurant. You will have a free and secure parking for your vehicle as well as free wireless access in the residence. Cleaning your room is taken care of and the residence offers a breakfast every morning for the duration of your stay. You can take your kids with you as they are allowed in the residence and will be supported by a children’s club. By cons, it is forbidden to smoke in the establishment and pets are strictly prohibited.


You now have the necessary information to organize a wonderful trip to Bali. Find the villa that suits your needs and your budget will be wealthier. However, do not rush, take your time to choose well, so you can evaluate your needs and see if your budget allows. Otherwise, you will eventually see your cravings down, but keeping the possibility to enjoy a wonderful stay in a villa at your fingertips. Remember that some of the villas have a multilingual staff (it could be that yours is part). In this case, your stay might be more pleasant since you can easily communicate with them and even get useful information.

The best villas with private pools in Ubud, Bali

Villas with private pool in ubud

When it comes to holidays , the first thing that comes to mind is the journey . A getaway often helps relieve stress accumulated during the year and to recover the ideas in place. This can greatly affect our mood and increase our creativity while promoting increased productivity , whether for children or adults. The trip in question can be performed alone to empty completely and forget all the worries of everyday life . The choice of group travel is divided into two : there are those who prefer to leave their friends and those who want to spend this time with family .

Which destination to choose?

The most popular destinations are usually tourist areas near the beach, mountain or lake. The vast majority of vacationers appreciate the cities offering different activities to ensure a good distraction. Young people generally opt for destinations closer to the sea and to access a range, if they also like the voyages of discovery in kind or in the mountains. The choice of destination is not made solely on this criterion, we must also take into account the food, the climate of the area and especially the quality of life of the community. More and more people are traveling only to taste dishes or drinks, but this does not preclude the possibility of marrying gastronomic tourism to the pleasure of traveling to an entertaining destination. There are many countries with unusual specialties while being close to the beach or the mountains.

Before choosing a particular destination must first ensure the cost of living in that country , difficulty of access to the area . It is important not to forget some preparations such as the choice of accommodation, obtain information on the local currency and foreign currency , vaccines and precautions to do before departure. It would also be better to know the most practiced language in the country , but it is not mandatory . Find interpreters or small guides facilitating communication with indigenous is usually simpler.

An ideal destination : Bali

There is a small island in Indonesia that is able to combine good food and a beach of fine white sand with a pleasant climate , Bali is an island belonging to the archipelago of ” Lesser Sunda Islands .” It is located between the islands of Java and Lombok and has a total area of 5637 km². Lying near the equator , it has a stable climate that varies little throughout the year. There are all kinds of activities only to tourists, due to its coral reef scuba diving is great demand there , the best diving area is located northwest and northeast of the island. It is also possible to hike in the mountains since it has a long chain of mountains about 2000 meters with a peak reached in 3000 meters altitude.

Bali has a great diversity of bird species that live in the Bali National Park is a National Nature Reserve located on the West Island. She also has diverse vegetation, we can see the presence of mangroves on the north side of the island, fertile prairies, savanna on the northern slopes of the mountain range and rainforest. The island is also known for its diverse cuisine, it is very rich and is generally spicy yet very colorful. Bali tourism generally lives, most of the tourist centers are located in the southern part of the island. Due to its specialization in tourism, the offers for tourists are more varied and are available at low prices. Therefore, Bali is an ideal destination for travel. It includes the majority of the most popular activities by travelers.

Bali View Apartment is a site offering to help people interested in a trip to Bali, simply access the site for useful information for the preparation of the trip. Whether for information on accommodation, food, travel, places to visit, etc. The organization of the Bali travel becomes easier thanks to this site.

Where in Bali : stay in Ubud !

The choice of where to spend the night should not be overlooked especially during the organization of a trip, this is the part that will determine the assessment of the stay. Even if the activities are also amazing and entertaining whether, as we do not spend a good night, stay quickly became uncomfortable. We must ensure that we spend the night in a friendly and welcoming place that contains the necessary. The choice is wide, but the best solution would be a lonely place not far from the town which offers a good quality service while being more or less staff. A fully equipped villa is therefore an optimal choice, there is a lot of small cozy villas in Bali and quality. In addition, if the villa has a swimming pool, residence becomes even more enjoyable.
Ubud offers luxurious villas with swimming pools and offering a quality of service available at affordable price.

Bunut Garden Luxury Private Villa

This is a luxury villa with 8 bedrooms with comfortable beds of different sizes suitable for children and adults, bathrooms and toilets . It also has a private pool and garden. The managers and staff of the villa speak different languages , so it is easy to communicate with them . In addition, all tenants of the villa get free, unlimited Wi -Fi, it is also possible to get the laundry and iron by contacting the staff.

The villa offers a pleasant, friendly and relaxing atmosphere with its warm decor and wooden thanks to its furniture that is more comfortable . In addition, the resort offers relaxation services as traditional massages and spas.

The villa is located in a strategic position to facilitate the movement of tenants ; it is located near the city center and is just 40 minutes drive from the beach . The view is also more pleasant , the garden opens into a valley and magnificent rice paddy.

Villa Lumia Bali

The Villa Lumia is one of the best private villas all Ubud, it has a Jacuzzi, a fully equipped kitchen, a dining room that can accommodate up to 12 people, a swimming pool for children and adults, a gym and a dining room. There is also a shared garden with a spectacular view. This villa is made to accommodate many people in the greatest of comforts, the lounge has comfortable chairs 8 with a flat screen and a DVD player for watching movies. It offers a friendly atmosphere and offers a variety of activities to entertain its guests. They have several privileges like free, unlimited internet connection, air conditioning, access to a hot tub, a freezer, access to a grill and a washing machine, blender and other appliances. The tenants are also entitled to a breakfast each morning.

It has a pool table, a game room, a screening room and a small bar. All rooms come with bathrooms and private toilet facilities. This is a popular villa by vacationers in Bali; she accept smokers, but against it does not allow animals.

Umaé Villa

The Villa is part Umaé private villas most appreciated by the public, it offers many privileges to its tenants and is provided with a grill, oven, safe, linens and more importantly, maintenance the villa is free . The kitchen contains almost all the necessary appliances. The dining room offers only 2 tables in places , but the villa offers a high quality service compensation.
The view from the balcony is amazing and the villa also has a patio . The living room offers a cozy atmosphere with a DVD player and a TV. This villa does not accept smokers or pets, but this villa is perfect for small children.

Dedari Villa Kriyamaha

This villa is in a way a new rising star, she quickly became very popular with tourists because it offers high quality services. It has a garage and an unsecured parking , freezer , air conditioning, a shared garden, a swimming pool for adults and another for children. It has two rooms : one inside and another outside , the interior is more comfortable seating with 16 chairs, a DVD player and flat screen. It has two bedrooms with 5 beds and 2 baby beds; bed linen is provided and the dining room can support a large maximum of 14 people . The villa offers guides and maps to facilitate the movement of prospective tenants .

The Kampung Ubud Villa

The Kampung Ubud Villa is part of a residence consisting of 10 individual villas . In the residence there is a restaurant and a full service spa . There is also the residence a large outdoor pool . In the residence , there is a space for meetings , recommended for companies who want to relax their management or employees. Finally, each villa in the residence is equipped with terrace and air conditioning. For all trips , in the small town you will between 5 to 30 minutes. If necessary , please be aware as you navigate. And besides, the great advantage of this home is that it is close to the airport .

The villa does not allow pets, but smokers are possible.

Which are the 5 most expensive rentals in Courchevel

Holiday Dreams Come True In Courcheval

Are you looking for a luxurious and pampered holiday of a lifetime on the French Alps?

Courcheval could be the place for you. Do you have ‘cash to splash’, or maybe plenty of friends and or family to help slit the bill?
It is part of the largest connected ski region in the world, Les Trois Vallees. Skiers of all levels will find a run on any of the 100 slopes available.
Here is a list of 5 of the most palatial, extravagant apartments we’ve only ever seen in our dreams.

Mayvbe it’ll give you ideas to rent you apartment in Courchevel ?

Chalet Edelweiss

USD $12.899 – $113.645/per night
€50.000 deposit

Chalet Edelweiss

Close to the centre of Courcheval, Edelweiss is a 16 bedroom family apartment. This sophisticated mountain lodge boasts magnificent design and architecture.

It has a 130 metre nightclub so you can dance the night away with 100 guests on a huge dance floor, or sit at your bar and listen to the DJ from his booth.

After your day on the slopes and or your night of dancing you have an indoor swimming pool and Jacuzzis to indulge yourself.
Or relaxing in your private cinema or even the library, or the therapy room where there is an assortment of treatments.
There is a fit-room with all the latest equipment and a hammam (steam-room), to pamper yourself some more.

And if all this isn’t enough, your luxurious chalet is fully staffed with a manager, house-keeper, chef, butler, security guard and driver.

Chalet Pearl Courcheval 1850

USD $7.306 – $66.563/per night
€25.000 deposit

Chalet Pearl Courcheval 1850

Pearl won’t stretch your purse strings quite as far as Edelweiss. Positioned above the centre of Courcheval that is only a 4 minute drive away.
This place has million dollar views from the balconies to go with the recent €1 million renovations on large rooms and luxurious areas.
There is a massive swimming pool, spa and fitness areas, a steam-room, games-room, ski-room and open fire.

Up to 14 people can stay here in large rooms and luxurious areas. The main living area and bedrooms have the latest in LCD screens, DVD players and music systems.

Skiing facilities are close by and you have a waitress service and your own personal chauffer.

Chalet Les Gentianes

USD $6.493 -$47.893/per night
€25.000 deposit

Chalet Les Gentianes

A rustic yet immaculate mountain chalet is close to the up-market Courchevel where you can shop in exclusive stores.

There is a ‘spa floor’ and it has a Jacuzzi, a heated indoor swimming pool, hamman (steam-room), separate gym and massage room.

This villa has a state-of-the-art kitchen and 7 bedrooms each with their own private bathroom.

There is an intimate fireplace and an outdoor hot-tub.
If you’re not into skiing you can go hot-air ballooning, hiking, tobogganing, ice-skating or mountaineering.

Find everything about Les Gentianes.

Chalet Razzie

USD $2.760 – $33.282/per night
€25.000 deposit

Chalet Razzie

When you stay at ‘Razzie’ you will be at the highest residential point, which is right behind the Pralong chair lift.

This place is private and elite, it has outstanding mountain views that you will remember forever.

A beautifully designed chalet it has a brilliant kitchen facility and a majestic fireplace. There is an indoor heated spa and plasma T.V’s.

There are terraces where you can just relax and you’re only a 2 minute walk from Courcheval and you have full staff to take care of your every need.

Chalet Tsuga – Le Kilimandjaro

Chalet Tsuga – Le Kilimandjaro

USD $9.247 – $15.000/per night

You have a 5-star hotel facility that is directly connected to Le Kilimandjaro resort through an indoor gallery.

Beautiful views of the Col-de-la-loze summit, a home theatre and mountain décor on every level.
There is a heated pool, spa, Turkish bath, balcony and staff to look after your needs.

The breathe-taking Courcheval located in the French Alps is where you can find your next holiday paradise.

You can get further information at Courcheval Villas & Vacation Rentals 

What are the best attractions in Courchevel ?

activities courchevel

Courchevel; One of France’s Most Attractive Destination

Whatever activities you choose to do during your summer holiday, be sure to do them across the Courchevel. From simple relaxing to sophisticated recreational activities, Courchevel offers something for everyone irrespective of their ability, age or gender.

Courchevel is the largest ski zone across the globe. It is located in Saint-Bon-Tarentaise in the Alps regions in France.


A relatively gentle but refreshing summer activity is the one way to describe Courchevel’s canyoning. All you’ll need to do is plunge yourself into the beautiful mountain streams through the various natural water slides, jumps and abseil descents. As you stroll down the rapids via the river as the natural obstacle course, you will be enjoying the best moments of your life.


If fishing is one of your hobbies, Courchevel is an angler’s heaven hosting seven designated fishing sites. The area has more than five magnificent mountain lakes and rivers, Lac de la Rosière and Lac du Praz among the prevalent ones. A fishing license is easy to acquire from relevant police stations with one person allowed to use one license. Courchevel’s fishing lakes are always open during the summer, 30 minutes before and after sunrise.


Among the 3 million people across the world doing geocaching, a large number of them are based in Courchevel. Just like any other adventurous craze, all you’re supposed to do is search for your treasure using the GPS system of your mobile phone. Once you find it, you will write your name in the log book and substitute the treasure that you took. You might not find gold, diamond or silver but trust me its super fun.

Glacier Walking

In case you need a unique and exciting experience with your family, you might consider clamping on your crampons by going on a hike on one of the many glaciers in the Three Valleys, Courchevel. The mountain’s spectacular crevasses and breathtaking views will offer you an incredible adventure, one that you’ve never had before. These glacier hikes in the Alps region are of varying difficulties, depending on how adventurous you intend to be.


Hydro-speeding is another recreational sports activity that makes Courchevel unique. Being a ‘new extreme’ water sports in the market, it is an extremely exhilarating and exciting way to get you down into a river. At Courchevel, a large float that resembles a bodyguard is used to propel you down the creepy rapids allowing you to discover the unique sensation of surfing down the white-water rivers. Though the game demands a little more of physical fitness, all you need is to be smart at observing obstacles, water currents and waves. You will be given a safety helmet, a wetsuit and flippers just in case you require additional protection from the icy water elements.

Indoor Climbing

If you’re new to mountain climbing or have never thought of doing outdoor climbing, Courchevel has indoor centers that offer indoor climbing. Climbing equipment are provided though visitors are required to get their own insurance cover.

Scenic Flights

A scenic flight around the Three Valleys will allow you to soak up the remarkable mountain views like never before. These scenic and tourist flights across the mountains valleys are offered by Aero Courchevel Club and if want to be in control of the plane, why not step into the pilot’s seat and take a flight lesson with one of their qualified flight instructors.

Beach Volleyball

Playing beach volleyball in the hearts of the French Alps sound bizarre but at Courchevel, you can hop on the sand and play the game with friends or family. Free courts are available in Le Praz with tournaments held on a weekly basis. The courts are open for 10 hours in a day for the entire summer holiday. If you’re a big fan of indoor volleyball instead, you can play at the sports arena located in Le Praz.

What to Know When Preparing for Skiing in Courchevel Resort, France

It is no accident that Courchevel is one of the best-known ski resorts in the world.

Every bit of it perfectly suits skiing. At the top are three mountain bowls that are pointed north. This allows the snow to always remain squeaky and soft all year round.

The middle has long and perfectly pitched slopes that allow both intermediaries and beginners to have as much fun as the experts. At the bottom there are many trees where you go to rest and enjoy your evening once the clouds come down.

Courchevel is, therefore, without a doubt one of the best endowed ski resorts in the world. However, before you head to this world-famous resort, it is important that you adequately prepare if you hope to make the most out of your time there.

Having information on the resort’s area is crucial in helping you make your preparations. Here is a look at what to know on the Courchevel ski area to prepare your ski holidays.


The Courchevel ski resort is a high altitude area with a lot of snow. The snow often reflects the sun’s rays especially when the rays are strong.

The reflected sun rays can easily cause damage to your eyes if they are unprotected. That is why it is always important to carry sunglasses even when the sun’s rays are not very strong.

In addition to sunglasses, it is important that you also carry sunscreen. The sunscreen should be applied thickly and reapplied as often as possible (preferably after every hour).

Coming with children

Courchevel resort encourages parents to visit the area by creating a conducive environment for children.

To begin with, there are usually generous discounts during winter for children on lift passes. More importantly, there is a wide range of childcare options so you don’t have to worry about the care and comfort of your child when visiting the resort.

However, it is important that you carry vaccination certificates and other medical records of the children since almost all of the nurseries usually demand such records before they can take in your child.

Car chains

Driving with normal tyres in the snowy weather of Courchevel can be quite dangerous. That is why the traffic police and the resort only allow vehicles with chains or snow tyres to access it.

There are many garages around that you can buy the chains if you plan to hire a vehicle locally. Even though you can easily get them in garages near Courchevel, it is advisable to buy them in advance to ensure that they are the right size for your car as sometimes you may find the chains that fit your car are out of stock in garages near Courchevel.

If you are hiring a car locally, you can request the car chains as part of the package for the car hire. Alternatively, hire a car on the Swiss side of the border because the Swiss legally require all cars to have snow tyres during winter.

Parking your skis and snowboard

If you plan to travel by air it is important that you pack your ski in a board or ski bag for protection. If you plan to drive to the resort use a roof box that carry several poles, boots and pairs of skis.

There are also many ski shops around Courchevel that rent roof racks to visitors. Whether you decide to use a roof rack or a roof box, make sure that they are lockable. This helps to keep your skiing equipment safe from thieves.

Even though it is without a doubt one of the best skiing resorts in the world, visiting it without adequate preparations may make your visit less enjoyable. As the discussion above has shown:

  • Always carry child/children’s medical records when visiting the resort with children.
  • If you plan to get in with a vehicle make sure the tyres are chained or use vehicles with winter tyres.
  • Carry sunscreen and sunglasses to protect your eyes from dangerous sun rays reflected by the snow.


The 5 Most Expensive Apartments for Sale in Courchevel

Looking to buy a lavish home in the popular ski destination of the French Alps? Look no further than Courchevel. Courchevel, situated in Les Trois Vallées, has some of the most elegant and sumptuous apartments, chalets and villas for sale.

Let’s take a look at the 5 most expensive of these apartments for sale, so that you, the buyer, can get a feel for the exact height of luxury you are looking for.

Number 1

top 1

First of all, I would like to show you the most expensive apartment for sale in Courchevel. It is a 3-bedroom townhouse offered by Unique Living. This exquisite 165sqm luxury chalet is on offer for £ 5,705,500 (€6,790,981). This family-friendly home is comprised of a fireplace that opens onto a fully equipped kitchen, a gigantic lounge area, en-suite master bedroom with dressing room and a relaxation area furnished with a sauna.

Number 2

top 2

Next up we have a 4-bedroom apartment for sale presented by Prestige Property. This ideal 180sqm ski in ski out apartment is asking for €6,180,000. It comes equipped with a swimming pool, spa, garage, ski locker and cellar. Some of the keynote amenities include a massive living room with fireplace, open kitchen and a detached studio as the master suite.

Number 3

top 3

Moving along, the third item on our list for sale is a 5-bedroom chalet offered by Alpine Property Investments. This neoteric 750sqm home was recently completed and ready for the taking. The realtor is asking for €5,990,000 for this spacious chalet in the village of La Praz, close to Courchevel. The property includes a high-spec surface finish throughout, a fireplace, fully furnished kitchen, a large living area, Superb Spa area, swimming pool, entertainment room, wine cellar, hammam, sauna and ski room. To boot, this property features a private lift to reach all of its 4 floors.

Number 4

top 4

Our 4th most expensive property for sale in Courchevel is a lovely 5-bedroom apartment that is shown by Prestige Property. This 200sqm apartment is listed for €5,360,000. It comes with breathtaking views, a 20sqm terrace, a living/dining room area with fireplace, a fitted kitchen and 4 bathrooms.

Number 5

top 5

Finally, we have a brand new luxury chalet presented by Cimalpes, Courchevel. The chalet is divided into 2 separate apartments, with different prices, amenities etc. in each. Apartment 1 is a 5-bedroom, 268sqm unit and is asking for €4,370,000.

This apartment is decorated with a modern touch that is also blended with traditional Savoyard chalet chic. This wonderfully furnished apartment comes equipped with a relaxing area that features a fitness corner, Turkish bath and a Jacuzzi. It also has an open area, a full-furnished kitchen, and a large living room with a central fireplace. Apartment 2 is a 4-bedroom, 246sqm unit and is asking for €4,00,000.

Like the former, this apartment also embraces the old with the new, providing you with ultimate comfort and style. The 4 suite double bedrooms are equipped with shower rooms and/or bathrooms and are separated between each of the 3 floors to create the intimacy you deserve! What’s more is that this apartment holds a hidden wine cellar on level -1 to quench your thirst after a long day on the slopes.

There we have it! These are the 5 most expensive apartments for sale in Courchevel, France. The listings I found were listed for sale on these 3 prominent real estate sites:

The perfectly opulent apartment is ripe for the taking and only a few clicks away. Act now! Or forever hold your peace.

How to find an apartment to rent in Courchevel (France)?

From the jaw-dropping scenery to the world-class restaurants, it’s no surprise that Courcheval is on of France’s hottest holiday destinations.

If you’re wandering how to find an apartment to rent in Courchevel, then this is the perfect article for you. Booking your dream apartment is just a few clicks away when you follow these handy tips.

Hotel Comparison Sites

The first place to look is on hotel comparison sites such as These sites take the hard work out of looking for the best places to stay in Courchevel, as they will present you with a full list of all the accommodation options that are available during the dates that you want to take your trip.

You can then filter down the results based on things such as price, star rating and ratings given by past guests. These comparison sites will search hundreds of accommodation providers in one go, which will save you both time and money.

Rent an Apartment in Courchevel

Another option is to rent an apartment in Courchevel directly from the owner.

Sites such as Flipkey and AirBnB allow you to safely and easily look for available accommodation in the area. You can browse through photos, and read reviews from guests to make sure that you are picking the perfect accommodation for your needs.

Staying in an apartment which is owned by an individual as opposed to a chain will often allow you to view the destination from a different perspective, plus your hosts may even be able to give you some inside tips about what to see and do when you are on your travels.

Package Deals

Depending on where you are travelling from, you may be able to find some great accommodation deals if you look for package holidays. These are holidays that have flights and accommodation options rolled into one.

Try checking out and for some great package deals to Courchevel.

Scoring the Cheapest Deals

While comparison sites will find the best prices on apartment deals, there are a few things that you can do in order to find bargain-basement deals.

Firstly, try booking your stay mid-week and make sure that you avoid public holidays and other dates when special events are happening in Courchevel.

Accommodation is normally priced higher during the ski season in the winter months, so if you don’t mind visiting in summer you can bag yourself some incredible apartment deals. Another option is to book your accommodation at the very last minute. If you are flexible with your schedule, and feeling spontaneous, then you will be likely to find slashed rates when you book less than a week from your departure date.

If you really want to find the best deals on accommodation in Courchevel, then skip the middleman(a travel agent) and instead do all the prep work online yourself.

It’s worth checking out several comparison sites, holiday letting agents and last minute booking sites to see what deals are around. When you follow this method you should be able to find your ideal apartment for your next trip to Courchevel in less than half an hour.

Good luck with your accommodation search, and have a great holiday!