The best romantic villas in Bali, Indonesia

The best romantic villas in Bali, Indonesia

There is nothing more pleasant than to spend some time with your loved one , even if the time is very short . Indeed , the human being requires the presence of a person for support and comfort him. And most of the time , we try to spend time with that particular person , and that being away from the problems of society . Take time to get away from the world can be beneficial for couples, this allows to get closer and to improve the relationship in general. In recent years , the couples of the world are becoming more trips to be alone and then only because they understood the importance of even the need to be alone.

How to prepare your holidays to Bali?

Whatever your destination , it is important not to forget that there are precautions to take before making a trip . First, we must learn about the currency of your destination , lean to the use of cash, you might not find counters or stores that accept your credit card. Then get an accurate map and update inventory. In case you did not rent a car , opt for taxis or lose you ( still trying to identify you). Do not forget to book your accommodation before departure and do a final check before departure. Before taking off , remember to obtain information on vaccines and drugs to take . And finally , ask about the language of your destination, it is not mandatory to speak it or understand it, but this could be an asset.

The ideal romantic destination

Somewhere in Indonesia is a small island that has the assets to be perfect for an ideal holiday destination: a sandy beach, great food, an intoxicating scenery and a pleasant climate. This island is another Bali, an island with countless tourist activities and scenery breathtaking. Bali is part of an archipelago called “the small islands of the probe.” This small island has a total area of 5637 kmĀ² and is born of the volcano as the Balinese call “mother mountain” volcano which is still active today and that spawned the 2000 meters of mountain range from the island. Many hikers come to the island during the holiday period, most are the way to admire the landscape from the top of peak Agung.

Bali also has a rich underwater. Indeed, there are close to large beach a large coral reef that is home to several species of fish and small marine animals. The island is very popular with divers and marine biologists because of this biodiversity. In addition, there are several diving centers everywhere on island. You can also find a nature reserve on the western part of the island. This reserve is home to a great diversity of species of birds and some endemic plants. The territory of the island is volcanic, the development of various types of plants and trees is therefore easier. These riches have made a Bali island even more attractive, because by combining all these factors, it is possible to deduce that Bali has many culinary quality ingredients. Indeed, Bali has a rich and colorful cuisine: a variety of seafood, fruits, vegetables, spices are available almost all year. Bali is like a small paradise on earth, it lives mainly through tourism and trade.

From this perspective , Bali is a great travel destination: it not only has a great beach with a coral reef nearby, a spicy and colorful kitchen , a long chain of mountains with an active volcano and above all a stable climate. Indeed , the proximity of the island to the equator makes it stable and virtually unchanging climate. For anyone interested in staying in Bali , knowledge of the existence of the site ViewApartment could be beneficial. Indeed, this site offers useful information to organize a trip to Bali. Whether it is information on accommodation , activities offered by the island, namely the information and ” not to miss ” in Bali.

How to Choose the villasĀ in Bali?

Choosing where to stay is the most important part when it comes to a trip with friends. Indeed, couples need to choose where they spend the night. First, the place needs to be warm, comfortable and welcoming, but the most important is preserving the privacy of the couple. Indeed, the place to stay should allow them to keep to themselves, away from all eyes and all noise. Of course, the possibility of having a bathroom, a kitchen and a garden can contribute to a better appreciation of the stay, but this is secondary.

By observing these criteria well closely, we are able to see that a private villa is the ideal accommodation. By opting for a private villa you can perfectly stay between you and enjoy your stay in the greatest comfort. Also if your villa has a swimming pool and a private garden, your stay will be even better.

Berry villas romantic love

Berry Love is a residence with twenty villas with private pools, terraces, air conditioning and offer relaxation services. Each villa has a garden of their own, and a barbecue is at your disposal. The room service and cleaning service are offered. The resort has a spa that will be available to you. A restaurant and a lounge bar. The movement is facilitated thanks to the bicycles that are provided within the enclosure. Breakfast for all residents of Berry love is offered each morning for the duration of their stay. It should be noted that the complex does not accept people under 18 years. The rooms are designed only to accommodate couples, the villas each have a large room with a king bed, a bathroom and toilet. The villas are comfortable and all HD TV with satellite channels, moreover WiFi internet connection is free and unlimited. Note that the Berry Love does not allow pets.

Uma Lokha

This is a residence of 19 villas with access to a restaurant and a bar. Each villa has a personal private pool, a garden, a bathroom and toilet. Uma leaves children under 5 enter and offers a babysitting service so that couples can fully enjoy their stay. A complete relaxation service is also available for those who wish (spa and massage). Breakfast is offered each morning (except for children that are not supported in the service). It is also possible to access hot drinks in a common area. Please note that this residence is close to the beach: 18 minutes walking distance to the beach Berawa, 21 minutes for the Batu Belig and 36 minutes to Echo Beach. The internet connection is free and unlimited in all villas in the grounds of the residence. Room service and daily cleaning are free and supported by staff. The rooms have HD TVs with satellite channels and a DVD player. You will also have a fridge, a kitchen and bottled water in each house. The property does not accept pets.

The Villas at AYANA Resort

The AYANA Resort is a complex of 78 luxury villas with large beds, air conditioning, private swimming pools, meeting rooms, private toilet, TV HD 42 inches with satellite channels and a DVD player. The resort also has a spa to make your relaxation time, three bars and 14 restaurants and a fitness center are also available and free parking, this way you will not have to worry your vehicle. The resort offers activities like mini golf and table tennis. You can also access a snack bar. Do not worry for your children if you have them, they will be supported by a kid’s club and a babysitting service, they have a buffet for them. There is a games room, a library and a chapel which you can access. The staff speaks 3 languages: Korean, English and Russian; This is done so that you are completely comfortable. Breakfast is offered and each villa has free Wi-Fi. Note that pets are not allowed and that the station is a non-smoking area.

The Royal Santrian

Tea Royal Santrian is a residence of 22 villas warm, welcoming and friendly. They have TVs, a pool, a bathroom and private toilets. This residence accepts all children, each villa has an extra bed for this purpose, if the number of children exceeds the unit, you can request and obtain other beds. The wireless internet is available throughout the habitat; The same security, cleaning, room service and parking are supported by the residence. A spa is at your disposal and a barbecue and snack bar. The residence offers activities such as cycling (bicycles are available for free), fishing and canoeing. A temple and a shop are available within the residence. Note that this is a non-smoking area and pets are strictly prohibited. For your convenience, the staff speaks Indonesian and English.

Vinila Nusa Dua Villas

The Vinila Nusa Dua is a residence located in Nusa Dua and offers highly comfortable villas with air conditioning, a bathroom with heated shower, private toilet, a private pool, an HD screen with satellite television channels. The residence is located just 1.4 km from Geger Beach. Some villas have a balcony or terrace. The villas each have a small kitchen with utensils and appliances (dishwasher, microwave, toaster, blender, fridge). The complex has a service that can rent bicycles or cars. The residence offers a relaxing services including a massage parlor and a spa that is available to you, you can also access the restaurant. You will have a free and secure parking for your vehicle as well as free wireless access in the residence. Cleaning your room is taken care of and the residence offers a breakfast every morning for the duration of your stay. You can take your kids with you as they are allowed in the residence and will be supported by a children’s club. By cons, it is forbidden to smoke in the establishment and pets are strictly prohibited.


You now have the necessary information to organize a wonderful trip to Bali. Find the villa that suits your needs and your budget will be wealthier. However, do not rush, take your time to choose well, so you can evaluate your needs and see if your budget allows. Otherwise, you will eventually see your cravings down, but keeping the possibility to enjoy a wonderful stay in a villa at your fingertips. Remember that some of the villas have a multilingual staff (it could be that yours is part). In this case, your stay might be more pleasant since you can easily communicate with them and even get useful information.

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