What are the best attractions in Courchevel ?

What are the best attractions in Courchevel ?

Courchevel; One of France’s Most Attractive Destination

Whatever activities you choose to do during your summer holiday, be sure to do them across the Courchevel. From simple relaxing to sophisticated recreational activities, Courchevel offers something for everyone irrespective of their ability, age or gender.

Courchevel is the largest ski zone across the globe. It is located in Saint-Bon-Tarentaise in the Alps regions in France.


A relatively gentle but refreshing summer activity is the one way to describe Courchevel’s canyoning. All you’ll need to do is plunge yourself into the beautiful mountain streams through the various natural water slides, jumps and abseil descents. As you stroll down the rapids via the river as the natural obstacle course, you will be enjoying the best moments of your life.


If fishing is one of your hobbies, Courchevel is an angler’s heaven hosting seven designated fishing sites. The area has more than five magnificent mountain lakes and rivers, Lac de la Rosière and Lac du Praz among the prevalent ones. A fishing license is easy to acquire from relevant police stations with one person allowed to use one license. Courchevel’s fishing lakes are always open during the summer, 30 minutes before and after sunrise.


Among the 3 million people across the world doing geocaching, a large number of them are based in Courchevel. Just like any other adventurous craze, all you’re supposed to do is search for your treasure using the GPS system of your mobile phone. Once you find it, you will write your name in the log book and substitute the treasure that you took. You might not find gold, diamond or silver but trust me its super fun.

Glacier Walking

In case you need a unique and exciting experience with your family, you might consider clamping on your crampons by going on a hike on one of the many glaciers in the Three Valleys, Courchevel. The mountain’s spectacular crevasses and breathtaking views will offer you an incredible adventure, one that you’ve never had before. These glacier hikes in the Alps region are of varying difficulties, depending on how adventurous you intend to be.


Hydro-speeding is another recreational sports activity that makes Courchevel unique. Being a ‘new extreme’ water sports in the market, it is an extremely exhilarating and exciting way to get you down into a river. At Courchevel, a large float that resembles a bodyguard is used to propel you down the creepy rapids allowing you to discover the unique sensation of surfing down the white-water rivers. Though the game demands a little more of physical fitness, all you need is to be smart at observing obstacles, water currents and waves. You will be given a safety helmet, a wetsuit and flippers just in case you require additional protection from the icy water elements.

Indoor Climbing

If you’re new to mountain climbing or have never thought of doing outdoor climbing, Courchevel has indoor centers that offer indoor climbing. Climbing equipment are provided though visitors are required to get their own insurance cover.

Scenic Flights

A scenic flight around the Three Valleys will allow you to soak up the remarkable mountain views like never before. These scenic and tourist flights across the mountains valleys are offered by Aero Courchevel Club and if want to be in control of the plane, why not step into the pilot’s seat and take a flight lesson with one of their qualified flight instructors.

Beach Volleyball

Playing beach volleyball in the hearts of the French Alps sound bizarre but at Courchevel, you can hop on the sand and play the game with friends or family. Free courts are available in Le Praz with tournaments held on a weekly basis. The courts are open for 10 hours in a day for the entire summer holiday. If you’re a big fan of indoor volleyball instead, you can play at the sports arena located in Le Praz.

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