The best 3 bedroom villas in Seminyak Bali

The best 3 bedroom villas in Seminyak Bali

When the holiday season arrives, the first thing that comes to appear in our heads is the journey . No matter the destination or duration , this small escape gives the opportunity to release all pressure that has accumulated throughout the year . This small escape also gives the opportunity to refresh his memory. This can greatly transform the mindset in which we find ourselves. Also, this will help to expand our performance , we are children, adults or parents. Regarding the actual journey , you can perform it alone for the time to really reflect and clear your head. But if you want to live in a group, you can choose between two possibilities. You can either go with friends or colleagues , or from your family.

How to prepare your trip to Seminyak?

Regardless of age or taste, the favorite destinations of tourists are mostly the places close to the sea , in the mountains or the places near a lake or river . Indeed , vacationers prefer these places because they are sure to find a variety of activities to entertain them during their holidays. Be aware that many other factors come into account in the choice of destination . Among these other factors , diet include on site, the climate of the destination or the cost of living there. Nowadays , many are the people who go to a destination only to taste buds to their new dishes or new drinks . But it also happens that allows the destination to a gastronomic trip and also an edifying journey ( discovery , rest, etc.).

Where you intend to go , you have before leaving, well informed on the spot price . It should also be well informed in relation to means of transportation on site as well as the accessibility of the city. And before taking off , preparations such as the choice of place of residence , vaccines and medicines to be taken are to remember . Details about payment methods in the local market are also not to be overlooked . Indeed, we need to see in advance whether to exchange currency if so , we must learn about the exchange rate . The use of credit cards is also interesting , but in all cases it is more practical to have cash . Ability to speak the language of your destination would also be a great asset , but if not , it will not be a problem. Generally , find an interpreter or a local guide is much simpler .

Bali, the ideal destination?

There is a small island of Indonesia which can perfectly combine excellent food, white sand beaches and end a most pleasant climate. This island is none other than Bali, an island that is part of the archipelago of “Lesser Sunda Islands.” It is located between Lombok and Java islands. The total area of 5637 km². Thanks to its proximity to the equator, its climate is very stable and is almost constant throughout the year. Found on the island a multitude of activities reserved for tourists, from there recency scuba diving which is also in great demand there. Concerning diving, the best area of the island is located in the northeast and northwest. Other activities include mountain hiking. Indeed, many are hiking on the island because it has a mountain of about 2000 meters and the highest point of the chain is 3000 meters.

On the west of the island you will find a national nature reserve inhabited by a great diversity of bird species. The reserve also has a very diverse vegetation, you will see the presence of mangroves north of Bali, a savannah, rainforest and fertile prairies. The diverse cuisine also made the reputation the island. Indeed, gastronomy is dumb as very spicy and very colorful. The island of Bali lives especially tourism. In fact, everything they do on the island is to advance tourism. Thus, every budget can find what suits them.

For all those interested in a trip to Bali, Bali View Apartment site is for them. Indeed, all the information relative to travel are provided on site. So just visit for the necessary information. Whether it is information on food, means of locomotion, the attractions, or accommodations. Through this site, the organization of Bali travel becomes much easier.

How to Choose your accommodation in Seminyak?

Choosing where to stay is one of the most important steps in organizing a trip. This is the place where you sleep really determines the appreciation of a stay. Indeed, regardless of the number of activities as entertaining as they are, as long as we do not spend the night in a nice, comfortable, the rest will not matter. We must therefore ensure to spend the nights in friendly, safe environments especially relaxing. The choice remains very wide, but the experiments, the place is a somewhat isolated area, but not far from the city. A house where you will be more or less the place of the master is also very advisable. Equipped villa becomes a sub-optimal choice. In Bali, the choice of the villa will not be too difficult as they are quite numerous. In choosing the villa, remember to see if it has a pool, because this will embellish your stay.

Semyniak Bali offers luxurious villas that have all pools and offers quality services and especially at fairly reasonable prices.

The dusun

This is a residence where there are villas with between 1-3 bedrooms with comfortable beds of different sizes suitable for adults but also children. They are equipped with bathrooms and private toilet facilities. For relaxation, the residence has a swimming pool and a relaxing garden. The managers and staff of the residence speak three languages namely English, French and Japanese. This is well coordinated to enable easier communication. WiFi access is free and unlimited within the residence. We also note that all rooms are equipped with TV with satellite channels. A barbecue is also available in the residence. The dedicated staff ensures a permanent room service 24 hours on 24 in the residence. For your comfort, spa and wellness center will be available to you.

The residence is located in a very strategic place to facilitate the movement of tenants; it is located near the city center and is just 13 minutes walk from the beach. It is 30 minutes from the airport. And all the restaurants, bars or nightclubs are less than 15 minutes.

The Kunja Villa-Hotel

The Kunja Villa-Hotel is one of the best private villas all Semyniak, it has a Jacuzzi, a fully equipped kitchen, a dining room that seats up to 10 people, a private swimming pool for children and adults , spa and wellness center. There is also a shared garden that offers beautiful views of the sea. This villa is for rent from 2 to 8 people in comfort. In the living room you will find some comfortable chairs and a flat screen TV with DVD player for watching movies or you can follow the news through cable channels. The villas are very well equipped and keep you in comfort thanks to extras like unlimited WiFi. The kitchens of the villas are very well equipped and you will prepare dishes as you are accustomed at home. The large villas of the bathrooms have showers and bathtubs as well as docks to place your iPhone or iPod. So you can listen to music in you showering.

In the villas, room service will be available between 6 am and 23 pm. Great restaurants and shopping centers are within a 3-minute walk from the villa. The beach meanwhile is 8 minutes walk. And the airport is 20 minutes by car.

The Bli Bli Villas & Spa

The Bli Bli Villas & Spa is one of the most popular private homes by tourists. The reasons for this assessment are manifold. To start, the residence has many villas (20). Then, it is close to the beach, about 5 min walk. It is obvious that the residence has a restaurant, a bar, a lounge and a garden. The residence also offers many activities starting with the spa that provides comprehensive services. The outdoor pool is fully available to residents in the residence. For travel to local attractions, be aware that the residence supports the shuttles travel expenses. the airport to the shuttles are also free. For your comfort and well-being, the rooms are air conditioned and cleaned daily. If you have children with you then you will like to go clubbing or just spend romantic moments with your partner, be aware that the residence offers a babysitting service (surcharge).

Nyuh Bali Luxury Villas

This residence is a kind of new discovery among the villas of Semyniak, thanks to the exceptional services offered to its customers, it quickly became one of the favorite residences of the city. It has free secure parking, free unlimited WiFi access, a garden with umbrellas and a private pool. The residence consists of 8 magnificent villas. A major advantage of the residence is its proximity to the beach. Indeed, you will be there within 10 minutes. You will have in the residence, a restaurant at your disposal. Breakfast will be free. To ensure your comfort in the villas, the air conditioning is present and clean rooms will be daily. If you want to relax, spa and wellness center will welcome you with open arms. If necessary, know that there is a free childcare service in the residence. In case you want to go to local attractions centers, be aware that the shuttles provided by the residence are free.

The Santai Villas

The Santai Villas is a villa which has 11 luxurious rooms, in fact, its level of 5 stars. If you’re used to places upscale setting, you will not be at all out of place in this villa especially as it is still very recent, created in 2014. The location is a strong point of this villa . Indeed, it is just 6 km from the city center and less than 13 km from the airport. For the comfort of guests, each room has unlimited Wi-Fi, air conditioning, fax, copier and has a daily cleaning. Regarding means of transport, guests will be spoiled with the car service, car rental service, bike rental and shuttle service. For relaxation, you can enjoy a massage or services of the beautiful outdoor pool. For night activities, barbecue equipment will be available. The villa also has a laundry and dry cleaning when necessary.

Whatever your budget for your vacation , you can easily find the villa that suits you in Bali. As you can see, this is not the choice that missed. Make your choice freely . Some villas are better than others depending on your number or because you are just a couple or with your children. Watch carefully as the languages used by staff because some villas have staff who speak up to 5 languages. What could be a great advantage for you. Despite the multitude of choices , you always have a little trouble finding a place of residence with you if you have a pet .